Greetings and welcome to my professional site!  I am an Assistant Professor of Nineteenth- Century British Literature at the University of North Alabama.  I received my PhD from Florida State University in 2012.

On this site, you will find information related to my research and teaching.  My research page includes abstracts of my latest projects, bibliographies of source material, and nineteenth-century images related to my research.  In addition, the research blog features digital projects and notes on archival material as well as literary criticism.  On my teaching page, you can find a list of classes I have taught in addition to sample syllabi and my teaching philosophy.

More information about me and my current contact information is located on the “About Me” page.

Thanks for visiting!

–Cheryl Blake Price


On 10/1/16 I will be attending the third Alabama Symposium on Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century literature.  This year’s theme is the “Turn to Affect.”

9/22/16: The 8th Annual Alabama Regional Graduate Conference’s theme is “Confinement: From the Prison Block to the Margins.”  For more information and view the cfp, visit this link

3/6/15: My article, “Vegetable Monsters: Man-Eating Trees in Fin-de-Siecle Fiction” has been very positively reviewed by Emily Bowles.  The review can be accessed here.

8/31/14: The cfp for UNA’s 2015 conference is live!  Our theme this year is “Streams of Consciousness: Water, Sound, Land, Text.”  The cfp can be found here

From 10/24/14-10/25/14 I will be attending the Victorian Institute’s conference in Charlotte, NC.  I will be reading “‘In all probability’: The Actuary in Early Detective Fiction,” which is excerpted from a larger article on actuarial detectives in Victorian crime fiction. The conference website can be accessed here

On 10/4/14 I will be participating in AUM’s workshop in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literature.  Our reading group will be discussing Adam Potkay’s The Story of Joy.  This mini-conference will also feature presentations from scholars on their current projects.  The website can be found here

10/15/13: UNA is having a graduate conference (2/14-2/15/14) on the theme “Poison and Love.”  For more information, please visit this link

6/7/13: My article, “Vegetable Monsters: Man-Eating Trees in Fin-de-Siecle Fiction,” is in the current issue of Victorian Literature and Culture (41.2).

4/19/13: My dissertation has won the FSU English department’s ” 2012 Outstanding Dissertation Award.”  For more information on my project, please click on the “Research” link above.

3/9/13: I will be participating in a roundtable on digital pedagogy at the upcoming conference “Digital Humanities: Literary Studies and Information Sciences” being held here at UIUC.  For more information on this conference, click here.

12/6/12:  Several students from my RHET105 courses this semester are presenting posters at UIUC’s Undergraduate Rhetoric Program Writing Conference.  Click here for more info.

9/27/12-9/30/12: I will be presenting work from my book project at NAVSA 2012 in Madison, WI.  My paper, “Hypnotic Poison:  Forensic Science and Unconscious Crime in Charles Warren Adams’s The Notting Hill Mystery“  is part of the panel “Psychic Networks in Late-Victorian Fiction,” which I co-organized with Shannon Zellars Strohl.

9/21/12: Photos of my teaching were featured in an Inside Illinois article on technology in the classroom.  Follow this link to see more.

9/9/12: I just got word of the publication date for my forthcoming article, “Vegetable Monsters: Man-Eating Trees in Fin-de-Siecle Fiction,” which will appear in Victorian Literature and Culture 41.2(2013).