Student Achievements

Below is a list of some of my students’ achievements.  Congrats to the students featured here for all their hard-work!


Brett Fish won honorable mention for the 2017 William J. Calvert Award with his essay “The Postmodern Christ: Is Slaughterhouse-Five enough anymore?”


Graduate Student Brett Fish presented “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Is there a Mystery in this Text?” Presented at 2016 Harry Potter Conference at Chestnut Hill.


Teena Patel presented a version of the paper she wrote in Senior Seminar at the Sigma Tau Delta conference in St. Augustine, FL.












In my first semester composition course, I had students create a multimedia project advertising their majors.  Here are some of the results:

Parrish Tuggles made a Pre-Med Facebook page that has a lot of information on the pre-medicine track at UNA: click here


In the fall of 2012, I had several students (Eddie Gathercoal, Nicole Brettman, Victoria Hendzel, Bing Lin Yeo, Jeffrey Ruser, and Yonghuan David Ren) present posters at UIUC’s Undergraduate Rhetoric Program’s Conference.  Below are some images of the great posters they made for the conference.  A link to the conference website can be found here



















Alexander Saunders, an FSU student in my second-semester composition course, submitted a paper he wrote for the class to the James M. McCrimmon Writing Award competition.  He won first place, and his essay was published in FSU’s  Our Own Words.  The link to a copy of his essay can be found here